Actual Diamond Carat Size Chart

Our helpful guide breaks down diamond sizes by diamond shape and millimeter mm size. Our diamond size charts help you visualize the difference between shapes.

Diamond Size Chart Millimeter Mm To Carat Petra Gems

Print this page to compare actual diamond sizes.

Actual diamond carat size chart. While diamonds are purchased based on carat weight the standard unit of measurement for loose diamonds its important to consider millimeter measurements and ratios to choose the best possible option for your budget. Many diamond size charts tend to overestimate the diameter of a diamond for its carat weight. The table below illustrates the typical size relationship between diamonds of increasing carat weights.

Our round diamond size chart will help you convert millimeter mm size to carat size for round cut diamonds. Diamond size refers to the mm size of the stone. A beginners guide to diamond size.

Want to know the actual size of a 1 carat diamond on a hand. Diamond carat size chart. Use our diamond size chart to predict the carat weight by the mm diameter of a round diamond.

Carat size is a priority for most people. Our diamond size chart demonstrates how diamonds of various carat weights appear when viewed from the top down. The diameters below are based on actual diamonds listed for sale rather a theoretical caratmm conversion formula.

Use these charts as a guide noting that these figures are calculated for optimum shape diamonds and that actual weight can vary per quality of cut. Diamond carat size chart weight to mm visualization if you are having problems with visualizing actual diamond sizes in real life youve come to the right place. Relative sizes for each carat weight are illustrated in the figure below the table.

Wondering what a 1 carat round diamond looks link on a hand. Use our diamond size chart to understand the millimeter mm size of each diamond shape. We have compiled diamond weight charts for the most popular diamond shapes in the market.

Heres an important thing to know about engagement ring shopping. Since carat is a unit of weight not all diamonds of equal carat weight will appear to be the same size due to their differing measurements. Even though the price of a diamond increases exponentially with the carat weight the actual size does not.

For accurate printed results you must make sure that you do not have shrink oversized pages to fit paper size or expand small pages to paper size selected in the print dialog box. Diamond based on exact decimal weight and cutting proportions. The diamond shape makes a huge impact on how large the diamond appears.

Diamond carat size chart. Diamonds can be measured in both carat weight and millimeter. This is a millimeters to carat conversion chart for different shape diamonds.

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