2 Psi Natural Gas Pipe Sizing Chart

2 psi natural gas pipe sizing chart. Sizing tables and pressure drop charts table 7 3 maximum capacity of gastiteflashshield flexible gas piping in cubic feet per hour of natural gas with a gas pressure of 05 psi or less and a pressure drop of 15wc based on a 060 specific gravity gas tubing tubing length ft ehd size 5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100.

Gas Pipe Sizing Chart

The next slide to determine the size of all natural gas piping in the system.

2 psi natural gas pipe sizing chart. Psi for schedule 40 pipe materials and up to 5 pound for semi rigid tubing and corrugated stainless steel tubing csst. Specific gravity 060 pipe size inch. Natural gas demand with multiple apartments multiple apartments and natural gas diversity and demand.

Gas line sizing when sizing gas piping systems certain factors must be considered. Line sizing chart pipe copper data calculated per nfpa 58 54 2 psig line sizing chart pipe copper 38. Required gas piping size.

Download adobe pdf 132 kb. 2 psi natural gas pipe sizing chart. Maximum deliver capacity of pipes of different diameters and lengths in cubic feet of natural gas per hour for an initial pressure of 20 psi and a natural gas of 06 specific gravity.

Natural gas pipe sizing sizing pipes for natural gas pressures above 5 psi 35 kpa natural gas pipe sizing sizing low pressure natural gas pipe lines metric values. 2006 virginia fuel gas code 4 3 gas piping installations table 40241 schedule 40 metallic pipe gas natural inlet pressure less than 2 psi pressure drop 03 in. 157 line sizing charts 11 wc.

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