Black Diamond Trekking Pole Size Chart

Size up if youre right on a size cusp. Size up if youre right on a size cusp.

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No matter whether you fancy alpine skiing cross country skiing classic or skating technique ski roller hiking trekking or nordic walking proper pole usage demands choosing the right pole length.

Black diamond trekking pole size chart. Indeed poles should support the users technique protect against incorrect movements prevent falls and provide for optimal power transfer. Get a free climbon mini tube with any purchase 50 with code climbon. Uphill propulsion matters most.

If you are shorter than 6 feet tall youll be able to shorten most adjustable trekking poles and hiking staffs enough to make them work for you. Size down if youre right on a size cusp. If you plan on using trekking poles for backpacking trips where youll have them in your hands the whole time then the packed size might not matter.

The black diamond and leki poles had the best quality of design and materials for handles. For fixed length trekking poles. On the other hand if youll be doing more backcountry snowboarding or other activities.

Add to wish list. Ive been taught that the optimum length for level ground is to hold your elbow at 90 then lock off. Black diamond equipment trekking poles official site.

With the trail trekking poles black diamond strikes a perfect balance between comfort and reliability now with an updated grip. Be the first to review. For walking hiking and backpacking.

Available at rei 100 satisfaction guaranteed. Black diamond ski poles trekking poles leki poles finisher medal black diamond distance black diamond pole black diamond headlamp black diamond alpine carbon cork trekking poles black diamond alpine black diamond z poles black diamond poles carbon black diamond compactor. Use the chart below and consult the manufacturers size chart thats specific to the poles youre looking at.

My favourites for trekking are tigoat adjustable poles. Stability and support matter most. Size by rider height.

For walking hiking and backpacking. Like a good adventure partner black diamond distance flz trekking poles are strong and supportive when youre bonking and adjust quickly when the terrain changes. Stability and support matter most.

If you only walk trails then one piece poles will be fine. I also use poles for winter mountaineering and prefer black diamond flick locks for this. Explore and shop our full line of poles for trekking hiking backpacking or alpine pursuits.

Free economy shipping for orders over 100 exclusions apply.

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